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Marcus Comiczine P.F.F. 7 May 2005 17

cusMarkus does his comiczine ‚P.F.F.’, the comicstrips ‚Paul’ and ‚Andi’, cartoons – and for some money cd-covers, flyers or bandlogos, too. He also enjoys playing bass in the skapunk-band ‘Jakarta-TV’ and whatching a lot of televi...

Karl Stojka 2 Nov 2004 21

Karl Stojka was born on April 20, 1931 in a Rom family of the Roman Catholic faith in Wampersdorf in the Austrian province of Burgenland. Karl had five brothers and sisters. The Stojka family had been living in Austria for over 300 years, travelling across the country as h...

The Boz Gallery 0

BOZ ( 1972 - ...until somebody puts him out of his misery )



Boz is a painter and cartoonist & digital artist living and working in Dublin city centre. With little i...

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