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The Boz Gallery

BOZ ( 1972 - ...until somebody puts him out of his misery )



Boz is a painter and cartoonist & digital artist living and working in Dublin city centre. With little in the way of formal art training, Boz's draws inspiration from a variety of instinctive sources - cave petroglyphs, primitive scrawls, roadsigns, ugly humans - And his use of media varies from pen and ink to acrylic to digital rendering. Much of the

subject matter deals with a grey area of the human mind and has been described

variously as " Mystical fascism ", " religious pornography ", " disturbing and amusing " and " an abuse of talent ".


His illustrations have appeared widely in underground and mainstream publications, as well as on an ever increasing number of album covers and large scale paintings & drawings. The characteristic starkness in Boz's artwork has been the subject of 3 school projects, 2 college papers, 6 low key public exhibitions, and is often the target of scorn, censorship, lazy misinterpretation and abusive correspondence.



An extensive archive of work can be viewed at

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