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Marcus Comiczine P.F.F.

cusMarkus does his comiczine ‚P.F.F.’, the comicstrips ‚Paul’ and ‚Andi’, cartoons – and for some money cd-covers, flyers or bandlogos, too. He also enjoys playing bass in the skapunk-band ‘Jakarta-TV’ and whatching a lot of television.


Markus zeichnet das Comiczine ‚P.F.F.’, die Comicstrip-Serien ‚Paul’ & ‚Andi’ und Cartoons – und auf Wunsch auch Plattencover, Flyer oder Bandlogos. Wenn er nicht zeichnet spielt er in der Skapunk-Band ‚Jakarta-TV’ Bass oder sitzt vor der Glotze.


Name:                         Markus Magenbitter


Born:                           1983


Lives:                           Berlin


Size:                            180m


Weight:                        75g


Nose hair colour:         brown


Fav. Music:                  Social Distortion, Boxhamsters, Skatellites, Busters, Chefdenker


Likes:                          Salt Prezels (Salzbrezeln)


Dislikes:                       Fish

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